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Road Commissioner - Shawn Jordan


Shawn Jordan is deep into road maintenace season. He is currently working on obtaining Block Grant money to help pay for road improvements, his ongoing culvert inspection has identified so far culverts needing repair in Staples Road and Shaving Hill Road. He plans to start ditching and paving in mid-June, and has been working on a computer-based inventory and road prioritization system.

On late May-early June, Shawn saw to it that beavers which were building dams on Swetts Meadow were caught and relocated.


The beavers were trapped under an off-season permit from Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, and an IFW approved and licensed trapper was called to do the job. The nuisance animals were relocated elsewhere in town no more than five miles from the trap, as required by law.


This is how Shawn can be reached:

Phone: 318-6001

direct email: roads@limington.net