July 29, 2010



Selectmen's Office is opened at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday.

Televised Selectmen’s Meeting starts at 7:00 p.m.

SELECTMEN: Raymond Webb, Sr., and Charles Huntress were in attendance.  Selectman Darryl Hubbard is attending a FEMA York County Hazard Mitigation Plan update in Alfred with Road Commissioner,Michael Nevells.

Attending: Nancy Maxwell, Ron Phinney, Bonnie Lord, and Roxanne Herrick.

Televised Meeting Opened:  Selectman Webb brought the Selectmen’s Meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.

Selectmen’s Minutes: Selectman Huntress made a motion to accept and approve the minutes of the Selectmen’s Meeting for July 22, 2010, second by Selectman Webb and vote two-unanimous.


Accounts Payable and Payroll:  Selectman Huntress made a motion to approve Warrant #30: Appropriations: $13,771.67; Payroll: $4,147.44, second by Selectman Webb and vote two-unanimous.  Roxanne Herrick gave an account of Warrant #30 expenditures of $17,919.11;

      Art#4:  Town Officials        $  3,172.29

      Art#5:  Payroll Taxes         $    835.41

      Art#8:  Transfer Station      $    357.00

      Art#9:  General Highway       $    490.00

      Art#12: Snow & Ice            $    343.15

      Art#14: EMS Dept              $    128.02

      Art#17: Fire Dept             $  1,106.85

      Art#20: Dispatch/Communication$  7,240.00

      Art#21: Municipal Complex     $     99.45

      Art#23: MMDY Boat Excise Tax  $    380.00

      Art#33: CEO Mileage/etc       $     58.00

      Art#34: General Assistance    $    775.00

      Art#36: E911                  $    230.00

      Art#37: Legal Miscellaneous   $    365.89

      Motor Vehicle-Excise Tax      $  2,338.05





Tucker Road Culvert Project: Selectman Huntress mentioned the Selectmen are still reviewing the bids and tentatively have set next Thursday night, August 5th to award the bids.

Town Tax Acquired Properties: Selectman Huntress mentioned the Town has two (2) parcels of real estate that are going out to sealed bid: 

1. Map R-16, Lot 17 situated on Hanscom School Road consisting of approximately four (4) acres more or less w/two bedroom septic system and well point.  Minimum bid $25,000.00.


   2. Map R-16, Lot 20 situated on the Hanscom School Road consisting of approximately 0.4 acres more or less & buildings.  All buildings and debris must be removed at owner’s expense within 30 days of purchase.  Town of Limington facilities will not accept any materials of any kind.  Minimum bid $5,000.00.

  All bids must be received in the Town Office by 5:00 p.m. on August 6, 2010 and clearly indicate which lot is being bid on.  Bid openings will be on August 12, 2010 @ 7:15 p.m.

  All parcels are being offered in “as is” condition and Selectmen have the right to accept or reject any and all bids. 

Fire Truck and Pressure Washer Bids: Selectman Webb reported the town has two bids on the 1979 Ford-700 and one bid on the Alkota power washer.  Bids were opened and results as follows: 

1979 Ford-700 - BID:    Dwayne Woodsom - $1,254.11;

      S.A. McLean Inc -$2,100.50.

      Alkota model 2142 power washer - BID: Donnie Janney - $150.00.

Selectman Huntress reported Selectmen would have to check Craigslist to see if there where any bidders there on the truck and that bids would be reviewed. 

Circuitbreaker Program: Selectman Huntress reported the State Circuitbreaker Program applications are now available on line or from the Clerks office.  He explained the function of income level to your property tax determines the amount of refund received.  If taxes or rent for 2009 was 4% of your income you should fill out an application form.  Again, applications are available on line or in the front office.

Salt Shed Update: CEO, Ron Phinney mentioned, the committee held a meeting last night to review the survey.  There is room to place the salt shed out back of the municipal complex and the vote of the committee was to proceed.  We are looking to get an engineered plan for the building.



General Assistance Office is opened Monday’s from 9am-noon and 2pm-4pm. 

Transfer Station Hours are Saturday from 9am–4pm; Sunday from noon-4pm; Wednesday 10am-2pm.  

Silver Bullets are in back parking lot behind Municipal Complex and one at the Coventry North Fire Station.  Selectman Huntress mentioned he had received an email from Ed Auden, town ecomaine budget committee member, who looked at the numbers from all 28 towns and Limington’s tonnage is down from all other towns.  

MMDY Annual Family Day Event:  The Annual MMDY Family Day will be held July 30th from 10:00am to 3:00pm.  Event is free to town residents and regular admission for people from out of town.  There will be free hot dogs and hamburgers, bounce house and balloons for the kids.

Mobile Food Bank: Selectman Huntress reported Tammy Pike, who does a wonderful job for the Limington Congregational Church food pantry, dropped off a notice that the Limington Congregation Church will be having a mobile food van coming August 12th, Thursday from the Good Shepherd Food Bank from 11am – 1pm for anyone in the Town of Limington.


Selectman Huntress made a motion to adjourn at 7:21 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,                  

Roxanne Herrick, Selectmen's Assistant                           


            Selectmen, Town of Limington



                                          Raymond Webb, Sr., Chairman


                                          Charles Huntress, Selectman        


                                          Darryl Hubbard, Selectman